From ATR’s Chris Prandoni on “Unwilling to reign in Washington’s overspending problem, Democrats and their allies on the Left are stuck championing tax increases. Raising the corporate income tax rate—already the highest in the world—or increasing the personal income rate is untenable, leaving Democrats no choice except to try and repeal tax credits and deductions… Unlike renewable sources of energy which received $60 billion in taxpayer dollars since 2008, the American government doesn’t give oil and natural gas companies a cent to produce oil… A subsidy is when the government takes money from you and gives it to someone else, like a solar company. Allowing a company to keep more of its earned money by employing a tax credit is anything but a subsidy.”

“Will Coburn Cave On Tax Hikes or Keep His Promise to the People of Oklahoma?” poses Grover Norquist on “Obama's 2012 budget continues and increases this spending. (His first two years have been one long "Seinfeld" episode–no learning has taken place.) The president's budget raises taxes by $1.5 trillion in higher income taxes over the next decade… Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget, now passed by the Republican Congress drops Obama's spending by $6 trillion dollars. He stops the government take over of health care. He ends the bailouts. The Democrats' tax hike plans are stopped… Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, previously known as an opponent of earmarks, was on the Obama commission and voted for the massive tax increase proposal. He has joined the "Gang of Six" led by Obama's best friend in the Senate, Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois…Coburn's tax hikes would never pass the Republican House of Representatives.”