“Ron Paul's moment?” in POLITICO’s Arena, Grover Norquist responds: “Ron Paul brings energy and a great number of young activists into the Republican Party and the broader conservative movement. Some conservatives whined that 10 percent of the 11,000 attendees at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference were Ron Paul enthusiasts… Political leaders who bring new activists into the party are a great asset”

Steven Gray interviewed Grover Norquist today in TIME.  “Since founding Americans for Tax Reform in the 1980s, Grover Norquist has become one of the conservative movement’s most influential figures… When Norquist speaks, Republicans listen. That’s why an astonishing array of mostly conservative politicians — nearly 280 members of Congress, 13 governors and 1,250 state legislators – have signed ATR’s pledge to oppose any new taxes… In an interview with TIME, Grover Norquist talked about how he sees the budget debate, why he’s at war with Tom Coburn, and the costs of breaking his organization’s pledge.”

From ATR’s Ryan Ellis and John Kartch on Forbes.com: “President Obama [recently] signed into law the first repeal of an ObamaCare tax hike: the 1099 small business paperwork tax. This ObamaCare tax would have required every business in America to issue a "1099" tax form to every office supply store, gas station, restaurant, etc. from which they bought at least $600 in goods and services throughout the year.The President's signature on 1099 repeal means that there are now 20 new or higher taxes left in the ObamaCare law, down from the original 21 tax hikes. Taken together, these constitute one of the largest tax increases in American history.”