“Boehner keeping close watch on Gang of Six negotiations” by Alexander Bolton at The Hill. “Coburn, the most outspoken GOP member of the group, has spoken out in favor of tax reform and has battled conservative critics who oppose any tax reform that would increase the net burden on taxpayers.Conservatives expect that Boehner would try to put the breaks on any deficit-reduction deal that raised the net level of taxation. ‘Since he’s signed a pledge to never vote for a bill like that, he would probably tell them it's not a good idea,’ Grover Norquist, president of American’s for Tax Reform, a group vehemently opposed to tax increases, said of the meeting between Boehner and Gang of Six members.”

Grover Norquist discusses the no-tax-increase pledge on The Washington Post’s Live Q & A session: “Q. When would you consider it necessary to raise taxes? A. Grover Norquist: Looking at the present size of federal and state government and the high level of taxes paid by Americans, Never is  a pretty good timetable for new and higher taxes…Q.What are your non-political qualifications to discuss budgetary policy ? A.Grover Norquist: What allows me to speak out on federal budget issues?  Been a citizen since the late 1950s. First amendment.  Sense of patriotism.  Of lesser importance,degree in Economics from Harvard and MBA from Harvard also…Q.You stated earlier "high level of taxes"…how can you say that when the current tax rates are the lowest in history? A. Grover Norquist: Today individual income tax rate: 35%, 1900….top individual income tax rate 0%. Sue your history teacher.”