“No federal funds for Planned Parenthood?” in POLITICO’s Arena Grover Norquist responds: “Planned Parenthood was founded on the ideas of “family planning” advocate Margaret Sanger. Decent people today (and then) are repulsed by her racial and eugenic theories.  Still, even bad people are allowed to promote their ideas with their own money. But not with everyone else’s money taken by force by the government.”

In the Daily Beast Grover Norquist reacts to Obama’s speech: “We learn several things from President Obama's speech today promising to revise the budget he presented to America as a serious effort only 60 days ago. First, he is running for re-election on ‘hope and change.’ He will not run as the president dealing with the overspending problem he exacerbated, but as a commentator on the passing scene. ‘Oh, there's a train wreck. Not good. Someone should do something soon.’ He rushed out to respond inside the news cycle to the Paul Ryan 2012 budget plan, which will reduce Obama's federal government spending by $6 trillion over the next 10 years. His own plan is to sort of endorse a series of essays written by two aged politicians: Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles. Quick: make a list of tax increases and spending cuts the president said he would fight for in this budget. I don't know either.”

“Obama's Numbers Don't Add Up” writes Grover Norquist on FOX News.  “Obama’s FY 2012 budget called for $2 trillion in higher spending by the end of this decade. It increased taxes by about $1 trillion dollars. There were no real reforms in entitlements or rollbacks of the one trillion dollar increase over the decade in increased domestic discretionary spending enacted in 2009… This speech was about what he would do if he was President, not what he will actually do. The hard decisions are put off until, conveniently, after 2012 and 2014. Tax hikes will be automatically triggered if the budget is not kept down. Imagine. All congress and the president have to do is keep spending and an automatic tax hike will hit Americans. No fingerprints on a tax hike vote. The perfect zipless tax hike. This goes into the politician Hall of Fame.”

In The Washington Times, Grover Norquist compares President Obama’s Budget with Paul Ryan’s Budget. “At the heart of President Obama’s plan is a vigorous embrace of his ‘SimpsonBowles’ debt commission, which called for between $1 trillion and $3 trillion in higher taxes over the next decade… On the one side is Congressman Ryan.  He believes in detailed and serious budgets, no net tax increases, fundamental tax reform, cutting spending, and free market updates of the entitlement programs along the lines of the 1996 welfare reform.  On his team are the 237 Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers in the House, and the 41 in the Senate.  The entire House and SenateGOP leadership has already aligned themselves with Ryan and his plan.  The 2012 Republican Presidential candidate will be running with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in one back pocket, and the Ryan budget in the other.”