In National Review Online, Grover Norquist champions Paul Ryan’sbudget. “While Obama has no plan other than to continue spending on autopilot after adding on Obamacare, the Republicans now have a real entitlement-reform plan…Obama created a spending problem that can only be measured in trillions. Paul Ryan has created a reform that will reduce spending by trillions. Not mere billions… Ryan’s federal government is half the size of Obama’s in 2050….Obama has no plan. Ryan shows us a debt-free future and reformed and sustainable entitlement programs…Ryan’s budget is all spending reform and spending cuts. Coburn’s ‘Gang of Six’ budget is trillions of dollars in tax hikes over the next decades (at least $1 trillion per decade).

“Budget stalemate: Why America won't raise taxes” by Liz Marlantes at “Several Republican governors, including Scott Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio, and Rick Scott in Florida, also turned down billions of dollars in federal stimulus money…because they believed the projects would create a future tax drain on their states.‘I just spent a day with the governor of Florida – he's not raising taxes, period,’ says Norquist. The same goes for New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana – ‘you're going to get real spending restraint in those states’…Leaders insist…that the best way to reduce the deficit is by slashing spending and stimulating the economy through lower taxes, and that you won't get one without the other. They also believe high tax revenues reduce the incentive for lawmakers to make hard spending choices. ‘When countries have tried to reduce the deficit with tax increases plus budget restraint, it never works,’ says Norquist.”