“Obama vs. Boehner on school vouchers?” in POLITICO’s Arena, Grover Norquist responds: “Obama and the Democrats stand with teachers unions and against parents. They would rather pay off the union bosses who fund their campaigns than allow parents the same right to go to private schools of their own choice that the Obama's, Rockefeller's, and Kennedy's have always provided for themselves. Democrat George Wallace used to stand in the schoolhouse door telling children they could not come in to get an education. Now Obama stands in the public schoolhouse door telling children they cannot get out to get a good education.”

Announced Thursday in The Daily Caller: ATRFis hosting a GOP presidential debate in conjunction with The Daily Caller and Citizens Outreach Foundation. “The debate will be held in Nevada, an early caucus state, at the Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas. Nevada’s caucus, to be held February 18, will be the third event of the campaign season. Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson and ATR president Grover Norquist will moderate the debate… The DC/ATR debate will come just a month before the Ames Straw Poll, to be held in Iowa on August 13.”

From The New York Times: “The clash between Coburn and the group Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) flared over a bid by the Oklahoman and Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) to end the 45-cent-per-gallon federal tax credit for ethanol blenders. A passel of leading conservative groups are backing Coburn's plan, but ATR is the fly in the ointment — insisting that without an equivalent reduction elsewhere in the tax code, the proposal amounts to a net tax increase… Ellis noted in his missive to Coburn that ‘our position on this matter has little to do with any specific deduction or credit and much to do with avoiding massive tax increases, such as those you supported’ as part of the recommendations issued by the bipartisan deficit commission chartered last year by President Obama.”