“President Obama is raising taxes on all corporations, all investors, all consumers, all users of energy and people stupid enough to die with life savings.”
“Remember what creates bipartisanship.Democrats want more power in the hands of the State and its agents. Republicans want individuals to be free to run their own lives.”
“As head of Americans for Tax Reform, a group he helped create in 1985 at the behest of Ronald Reagan, he has asked politicians on both sides of the aisle to sign a pledge not to raise taxes. If you sign it, he’ll leave you alone. If you don’t … well, good luck.”
“…Playboy Magazine online, which said the Rick Santelli ‘rant’ on CNBC was a fake and the entire “Tea Party movement” was staged by Americans for Tax Reform…”
Playboy has since removed the article from its website, you can find an explanation of the fiasco here.
The D.C. Examiner offers insight into CPAC and the stimulus inspired ‘Tea Parties’ around the county.


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