Democrat candidate for Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont has tried to downplay all his talk of increasing taxes, but the record is clear, he has said multiple times that he would raise or expand a variety of taxes.

Lamont has generally endorsed tax hikes, when asked in a radio interview, “will you increase taxes?” Lamont responded “yes.”

He’s also said he will approve more tolls hitting Connecticut commuters, he’ll implement an internet sales tax on out-of-state retailers, and increase taxes on the so-called wealthy.

This, despite the fact current Governor Dan Malloy’s massive tax hikes on personal and corporate tax rates, beverages, cigarettes, hotels, rental cars, and more have driven people and businesses out of state. Major employers like General Electric have fled. Connecticut currently has the 3rd worst credit rating in the nation along with the 4th worst unfunded pension liability.

The Republican nominee, Bob Stefanowski has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written promise to the voters of Connecticut that the days of tax hikes will be over if he takes office. His platform calls for tax cuts, and elimination of the state’s income tax over time.

Stefanowski is joined by over two dozen other candidates who have pledged to oppose tax hikes in Connecticut this election cycle, including Lt. Governor candidate Joe Markley, and State Senate candidates and incumbents John A. Kissel, Tyler Flanigan, Sen. Len Suzio, Rob Sampson, Sen. Michael McLachlan.

See Ned Lamont’s various tax hike commitments below:

Lamont Tax Hike Promises


Proposed Increase




Expansion of online sales tax

“When asked for examples of possible tax increases, he discussed expanding sales tax to cover more online transactions.”


Press conference



Electronic tolling

“[R] ight now I don’t see any alternative to some form of electronic tolling. We’ll walk before we run there, but I can’t think of a better alternative.”


Interview with The Daily Campus


Electronic tolling and

expansion of online sales tax

“I think A. you can talk about electronic tolling when it comes to transportation, and B. perhaps expanding the sales tax base to include more e-commerce and even services so that we can really have a reliable and predictable revenue stream.”


Interview with The Daily Campus


CT sales tax collection by small business online retailers

“’It’s the fair thing to do. They have the big, online retailers from out of state that are taking a lot of our money in sales, competing with companies just like this. They should be collecting that sales tax,’ Lamont said.”


Interview with the Middleton Press


General tax increases

“Will you increase taxes?” one of the show’s hosts asked Lamont. When Lamont started to caveat his answer, the host pressed him: “Yes or no.”


Lamont’s response? “Yes.”


“Will you a sign a bill that would include tolls?” the host then asked.


Lamont’s response? “Yes.”


Radio interview with Chaz and AJ Show.


Audio captured and archived by the Republican Governor’s Association here.


Raise taxes on wealthy

“Even though Lamont wants not to be seen as a second coming of Malloy, he doesn’t promise to govern too differently. He pledges to raise taxes on the wealthy—a message that the state may not welcome, said Yankee Institute fellow Suzanne Bates. ‘Will a tax increase message at all resonate with a population that doesn’t trust you’ll raise taxes on just the wealthy?’ she doubts, adding that anything less than a doubling of wealthy people’s taxes would fall short of filling the budget deficit.”


Article in The Weekly Standard