Help Stop the Left’s Anti-Tax Reform Deception Campaign

In just a few weeks, over 350 businesses have announced tax reform bonuses, raises, or 401(k) hikes! Here are a few examples:

  • Thanks to tax reform Florida-based Joseph’s Life Cookies is giving $3,000 – $4,200 raises, buying new computer systems and rolling out new packaging,
  • Tax reform allows Florida-based Cuban restaurant Don Ramon Dixie to buy new refrigerators and coffee machines + give bonuses and raises to staff,
  • Anfinson Farm Store, a family business in Cushing, Iowa (population 223), has awarded $1,000 bonuses and raised wages 5% for all full-time employees as a result of tax reform,
  • Lawrence Paper Company in Lawrence, Kansas gave $500 bonuses to all 300 employees and plans to purchase $5 million in new equipment and expand at all three locations.
  • There are literally hundreds of examples!

Democrats and the left-wing media know that their electoral fortunes are tied to how Americans view the recently enacted historic tax cut legislation. 

Join our fight to prevent the Left from brainwashing voters with a contribution to our Expose the Left’s Anti-Tax Reform Lies campaign. We won the battle for tax cuts, but the Left isn’t conceding defeat in the war for our Republic’s future.