Despite being prohibited by no less than the United States Constitution, cruel and unusual punishment is apparently in vogue at the EPA.  Obviously former EPA administrator Al Almendariz meant figurative crucifixion, but his negative attitude betrays an alarming view towards oil and natural gas companies that provide over 90 percent of primary residential energy consumption.

Thankfully Al Almendariz resigned when his comments recently came to light nearly two years after he made them.  That’s two years of crucifying oil and natural gas companies while Obama wastes money Solyndra and other on failed green collar projects.  Green energy provides less than 1 percent of America’s total energy consumption.

Obama might like you to think that Almendariz is the exception at his administration’s EPA, but the Sackett family story shows the effects of EPA regulations on the individual American family.  The Sacketts wanted to build a home on a piece of land adjacent to other vacation homes and with a complete sewer hookup, but the EPA shut down construction claiming the project was infringing on protected wetlands.  The Sacketts successfully challenged the order in court, but like the Almendariz example, it shows the EPA’s enormous power over commercial and residential development as well as energy production and business creation.

Almendariz wanted to crucify fossil fuel producers who provide affordable energy for Americans while creating millions of jobs.  What the regulators and green energy sycophants at EPA won’t admit is that cruel and unusual regulations toward oil and natural gas producers will drive up costs for everyone.