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“Happy” Cost of Government Day, Washington! Today is the day on which all Washingtonians have finally paid of the costly burden government has placed on them at the federal, state and local levels. This means that the average Washington taxpayer has worked 229 days to pay off the cost of government and have had to work all the way until August 17th to pay for government.

While 'Tax and Spend' policies are nothing new in Washington, the Evergreen State's lst COGD should raise some eyebrows and cause alarm for Washingtonians. And for many, it has.

Our friends at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation is urging people to make some noise about their late COGD. They have provided the contact information for representatives and with lawmakers home on recess, are encouraging taxpayers to ask their elected officials WHY Washington has had to suffer under such an egregious spending burden for so long.


The Evergreen State has also made no intention of curbing its spending and has consistently raised taxes on its residents to pay for its lavish expenditures. In March 2009 a bill was signed into law that imposes the state’s sales tax on digital goods, automated services, and remote access software – such as streaming online videos. This tax hike is estimated at $38.5 million!
Hopefully the EFF's efforts will galvanize Washingtonians to protest against the huge burden they are forced to shoulder in the form of local, state and national spending and regulations. Until then, Washington taxpayers will continue to work more days for government, and less days for themselves.
Photo Credit: Bonacheladas