WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Garden State has the highest property taxes in the nation and public polls consistently show this is the top issue facing New Jersey voters. Over the past four years, state taxes have been raised cumulatively by $8 billion, state debt has increased by $12 billion, property taxes are now rising at their fastest levels in 15 years, and property tax rebates have been slashed.

New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Sen. Jon Corzine put forward a property tax plan which calls for increasing property tax rebates. According to his website, “Corzine’s plan gives direct rebates to homeowners and renters who need them; rebates are guaranteed to grow at least 10% per year for 4 years.”

His strongest supporters in the legislature quickly embraced the plan. But this was an about face for them since many actually opposed the plan in the past.

Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, who is running in arguably the most competitive legislative district in the state alongside Corzine, had this to say about the cornerstone of Corzine’s plan – property tax rebates: “People Just Don’t Want a Rebate, They Want Real Reform.” “GOP retains its control of Assembly” – The Star Ledger – November 1999

More on what Corzine Supporters are saying about his property tax plan: