The phenomenon identified as as Blair’s Law™ – the ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming converging into one giant, useless force – was in effect yet again yesterday, in the convergence of "climate change" and "health care".

The UK-based Telegraph reports on a plan by The Climate and Health Council, a collaboration of worldwide health organisations, for doctors and nurses give out advice to their patients on how to lower their carbon footprint.

The Telegraph states that:

The Council believes that climate change “threatens to radically undermine the health of all peoples”.

It believes health professionals are ideally placed to promote change because “we have ethical responsibility… well as the capacity to influence people and our political representatives to take the necessary action”.

The Council has been recently formed to study the health benefits of tackling climate change and promotes a range of ideas from reducing your carbon footprint by driving less and walking more to eating local, less processed food.

It wants to raise ‘health’ on the agenda of December’s UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen.

Fortunatly, unlike in the UK, we still have a health care system that is not run by the government. So we don’t have to worry about this sort of nonsense. For now at least…

(H/T Mark Steyn)