Last week, over two dozen conservative groups urged the Senate to support Sen. Enzi's Congressional Resolution of Disapproval and overturn the National Labor Relations Board’s Ambush Election regulation.

Some excerpts are below; click here for the full letter:

The ambush elections rule is a prime example of the NLRB advancing an element of legislation already rejected by Congress and putting the interests of labor bosses above those of workers.  If the Senate fails to overturn it, the rule will lead to even greater erosion of workers’ rights, by making it more difficult for them to make an informed decision. It would also add to the increasing regulatory burden on businesses and entrepreneurs that has stifled job creation.

Currently, the average period before a union election after a union files a petition is 38 days. This gives both the union and management an opportunity to explain the facts and ensure workers understand the high stakes in a representation election. The new rule will shorten it to as little as 10 days and eliminate procedural safeguards employers currently have to make sure union elections are duly authorized and eligible workers are properly defined before an election takes place.