Virginia’s General Assembly will convene to one of the most precarious legislative situations in years. Following a sweep of Democratic victories in statewide races last November, Democrats have secured the Governorship, the office of the Lieutenant Governor, and the Attorney General. Though Republicans were able to retain control of the General Assembly with a solid super majority, Democrats are poised to control the state Senate pending the results of a Senate special election.

So what can Virginians expect from the upcoming legislative season?

The Washington Post reports a slew of liberal initiatives including SB 45, a bill that expands Obamacare in Virginia and sets up a state health-care exchange.

Additionally, Republicans legislators will need to watch out for efforts by Governor Terry McAuliffe, to use state and federal funds to expand Medicaid.

Obamacare’s shortfalls are becoming increasingly apparent. Regardless, Virginia Democrats are asking their constituents to further entrust their medical care and personal information to the same people who designed exchanges where, “IT experts have repeatedly raised flags about [that] information”.

The future of Virginia’s healthcare is murky and getting murkier. If Republicans in the General Assembly falter, Gov. McAuliffe could further nationalize the state’s health industry. Now more than ever Virginia residents must contact their state representatives and ask them to reject the Washington one-size-fits all approach that Obamacare takes in Virginia.