Today, millions of taxpayers represented by Americans for Tax Reform and thirty-one other groups urged Congress to oppose a so-called “clean” Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA). The debt limit deal passed in August requires Congress to vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment by the end of the year, and lawmakers are considering bringing a BBA to the floor that would increase taxes rather than requiring spending cuts to balance the budget. From the letter:

Unless tax hikes are taken off the table, reckless lawmakers will increase taxes to pay for these new bloated spending levels, rather than bring spending in line with revenues. A “clean” BBA provides the excuse big spenders seek to raise taxes and grow government.
Any lawmaker committed to restoring American solvency cannot seriously vote for a BBA that does not include a super-majority requirement for tax increases. Thus, on the behalf of millions of taxpayers represented by our organizations, we ask you to consider a strong Balanced Budget Amendment with these protections before the Budget Control Act deadline.

The letter is signed by a robust coalition of conservative voices, including 60 Plus, Americans Civil Rights Union, American Family Business Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, the Carleson Center for Public Policy, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, the Citizens’ Alliance for Life and Liberty, Citizens for the Republic, Citizen Outreach, Club for Growth, CNP Action, Inc., Concerned Women for America, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, the Cost of Government Center, the Faith and Freedom Coalition, the Florida Center-Right Coalition, the Georgia Center-Right Coalition, Less Government, Let Freedom Ring, the Maryland Taxpayers Association, the Michigan Center-Right Coalition, the New Mexico Center-Right Coalition, the North Dakota Taxpayers’ Association, the North East Ohio Center-Right Coalition, ReAL Action,, the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, The Taxpayer Association of Oregon, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, and Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.

Click here for a copy of the letter. Click here to tell your Congressman to vote against any Balanced Budget Amendment that does not require a super-majority to raise taxes and significantly limit spending.