In an article published by the Hill today, 15 Governors were described as expressing opposition to the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. Half of these Governors have out rightly stated they will not choose to participate in the Medicaid expansion.

Most of those in opposition to the Medicaid expansion cite budget cuts in education and tax increases which will be necessary to sustain such a massive overhaul as their motivation.

Nebraska Governor Dave Heinemen released a statement last week citing his concern that the expansion will cause budget shortfalls, such that if the Medicaid expansion were implemented, "aid to education and funding for the University of Nebraska will be cut or taxes will be increased."

Florida Governor Rick Scott has also made it clear Florida will not participate in the Medicaid expansion, stating "Florida will opt out of spending approximately $1.9 billion more taxpayer dollars required to implement a massive entitlement expansion of the Medicaid program." In a press release following the Supreme Court ruling, Governor Scott cited job creation and cuts to education spending as his primary concern in opposing the Medicaid expansion.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin released a statement following the ruling in which he outlined concerns that Wisconsin's participation in the Medicaid expansion would not only drive up the cost of health care for citizens of Wisconsin, but that participation would "increase the size and cost of government, decrease the quality of health care and, in our state, reduce access for those truly in need of assistance."

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has also joined the fight against implementing Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, stating on the Governor's website that "stopping Obamacare is now in the hands of the American People. It begins with electing a new president this fall."

Similar to Governor Brownback's call to arms, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana made it clear that "the American people did not want or approve of Obamacare then, and they do not now. Americans oppose it because it will decrease the quality of health care in America, [and] raise taxes."

Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa expressed passionate opposition to the idea of Iowa participating in the Medicaid expansion, stating in a recent press release that "the Supreme Court handed down a disastrous decision to uphold President Obama's destructive health care law, which means a future of higher costs, higher taxes, and increasing debt for Iowans."

In a letter to Senator Jim Demint, Governor Nikki Haley wrote that "South Carolina stands with you and your cosigners in opposing implementation of state-based insurance exchanges." Governor Haley's letter references Senator Demint's efforts to oppose the expansion within Congress.

In addition to the Governors cited above, the Governors of Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia have informally joined in the opposition to the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare.