Today a broad group of conservative grassroots organizations issued a joint statement in support of the Republican move to delay a vote on EPA Administrator nominee Gina McCarthy. Responding to McCarthy’s refusal to adequately answer five transparency-related questions posed by Environment and Public Works Republicans, Senate Republicans have postponed a committee vote on McCarthy by disallowing a quorum.

The joint statement is below:

The undersigned conservative and free market groups and millions of activists we represent applaud Senate Republicans’ move to force Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disclosure. Today’s walkout was necessitated by EPA nominee Gina McCarthy’s refusal to adequately answer concerns the American people have about EPA policies. Given the enormous influence the EPA has over the American economy and consumers’ energy bills, the EPA should not be allowed to operate in the dark. The American people deserve public access to the health data underlying multi-billion dollar regulations. Science depends on robust peer review. Environment and Public Works Republicans are correct to demand commitments for a more transparent EPA – anything else would be a disservice to the millions of Americans directly affected by the agency. 

American Commitment
Americans for Tax Reform
Americans for Prosperity
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Freedom Action