Conrad Reynolds, a candidate running in Arkansas for the United States Senate in the 2010 Special Election, recently signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Mr. Reynolds is seeking the GOP Nomination to run against incumbent Democrat Blanche Lincoln. Lincoln, who has served in the Senate since 1998, has a less than exemplary record when it comes to defending the taxpayer. ATR’s lifetime rating for Senator Blanche Lincoln is a porous 15%; and in her few years in the House of Representatives she never had a higher than 40% rating. Reynolds is one of a number of pledge signers in the race that includes Curtis Coleman, Tom Cox, and Gilbert Baker.
By signing the pledge, Mr. Reynolds has shown the taxpayers of Arkansas know that he stands with them. Blanche Lincoln is not a signer, but ATR urges Senator Lincoln and all candidates for federal office to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

To see ATR’s official statement on Conrad Reynolds, click here