The 2010 Senate race in Connecticut just got another pledge signer. Tom Foley became the newest candidate to sign the ATR Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Foley is competing with other GOP candidates to take on incumbent Democratic Senator Chris Dodd. As noted before, Dodd has a less than encouraging record when it comes to defending the interests of taxpayers. The ATR lifetime rating for Dodd is a lackluster 5.7% over 14 years in the Senate.
In signing the pledge, Mr. Foley has shown the taxpayers in Connecticut exactly where he stands. As for Senator Dodd, he has not yet signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, but we here at ATR strongly encourage him to do so as well as all candidates in the Connecticut Senate race and all candidates for Federal office.
To see the PDF version of the official ATR release on Mr. Foley, click here