WASHINGTON, D.C. —- Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) sent her constituents a piece of mail that "was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense," according to the literature. This re-election pamphlet highlights the Congresswoman\\\\\\\’s spending habits, specifically boasting about "$3.5 million for modernizing area buses," $500,000 for "an advanced approach lighting system," and $25 million in "flood control funding."

"Taxpayers deserve better. If her office believes so strongly in pork spending, at least they should have the guts to pay for it themselves and not stick it to the taxpayer," said Damon B. Ansell, Vice President for Policy.

Her record on taxes can summarized by the following:

· In 1999, Berkley received a meager 22% rating for Americans for Tax Reform (ATR)\\\\\\\’s 107th Congress Tax Ratings. These ratings are motivated by three principles, (1) defending against tax increases; (2) protecting against rampant spending; and (3) protecting the Social Security surplus from being spent. Congresswoman Berkley consistently voted against taxpayer\\\\\\\’s interests.
· Although she scored 50% in 2000, she opposed a vote to extend the Internet Tax Moratorium to 5 years [Roll Call 158, 10 May, 2000].
· In 2001, Berkley opposed the President\\\\\\\’s tax reduction package [Roll Call 118, 16 May, 2001]. And finally, she opposed the Economic Stimulus package which would have cut taxes by $90 billion in 2002, extended unemployment benefits and provided health insurance tax credits [Roll Call 509, 19 Dec, 2001].

Concluded Ansell, "Frankly we are not surprised that Congresswoman Berkley wastes taxpayer\\\\\\\’s money in her re-election efforts. Her voting record demonstrates total disregard for the interests of Nevada taxpayers."