Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger (R – Tenn.) provided remarks at Americans for Tax Reform’s annual Tax Day press conference regarding her legislation, the Simplify, Don’t Amplify the IRS Act.

Congresswoman Harshbarger’s remarks are below. Video of her remarks can be viewed here.

“I have been protecting the American taxpayer from government overreach ever since I was elected to Congress and I was proud to support the first bill the new Republican majority passed which repealed President Biden’s effort to supersize the IRS by adding 87,000 new agents. And that painted a target on the back of every American taxpayer.

That’s why I’m honored to join Senator Braun in leading on this crucial issue by introducing in the House the Simplify, Don’t Amplify the IRS Act, which will enshrine key taxpayer protections into law.

This legislation will protect groups and their financial supporters from IRS overreach, regardless of their political affiliation or beliefs. Our bill will also increase the penalty for and make it easier to terminate IRS employees who release private taxpayer information. That’s important.

Finally, our bill will put an end to the persecution of taxpayers by barring the IRS from targeted audits and investigations.

The Simplify, Don’t Amplify the IRS Act is a win for taxpayers, business owners, and hard working Americans.

The Biden administration is weaponizing federal agencies against the American people and it’s more important than ever for Congress to take action on this crucial and urgent matter.

Our bill is an opportunity to rein in the worst abuses of one of the most dreaded three-letter agencies in the federal government. That’s the IRS.

They’ve got to pay for some of these bloated legislative wins that they’ve gotten and that’s how they’re going to do it: on the back of the taxpayers. So it’s been a privilege and honor and we’re going to keep fighting for those people who keep our country going.”