A letter went out today from Congressman Bob Lattea (R-Ohio) on behalf of 31 other Midwestern Colleagues requesting a joint hearing with the House Committee on Agriculture, House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and House Committee on Small Businesses to examine the effects of climate change regulations on manufacturing, agriculture, and small businesses in the Midwest. The letter is available in PDF format here.

“Cap-and-Trade legislation, which will have an effect on the energy, jobs, businesses, and industries in the Midwest who rely heavily on coal and natural gas, should be examined and fully considered for negative effects before further proceeding. We need to keep American Farmers to feed America, out manufacturers to keep our citizens by making American-made products, and our small businesses to be given incentives to create jobs and expand operations to new markets.”
Signers of the letter included: House Republican leader John Boehner, Mike Pence, Todd Tiahrt, and Michele Bachmann among others.