This week, ATR President Grover Norquist sent a letter to members urging support for H.R. 34, legislation introduced by Congressman Leonard Lance’s (R-N.J). The bill would create a publicly accessibly database for Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports.

Today, Congressman Lance highlighted ATR’s support for his legislation in a speech on the floor. His full remarks are below:


Mr. Speaker,

This week Americans for Tax Reform joined the chorus of advocacy and good government groups calling for Congressional Research Service reports to be available to the public. In its letter of support, Americans for Tax Reform said that opening CRS reports to the public is a common sense proposal that will increase transparency giving taxpayers greater access to important information and enrich public knowledge.

The taxpayer advocacy group pointed out that the rules casting CRS reports into secrecy are outdated and unnecessary and these reports belong in the public domain. U.S. taxpayers support the work of the Congressional Research Service to the tune of more than $100 million a year. It is fiscally responsible and good public policy to allow educators, students, members of the news media, and everyday citizens access to these taxpayer financed reports.

I urge my colleagues to join Congressman Mike Quigley and me in our bipartisan support of HR 34 which will open CRS information to the public. These reports are paid for by taxpayer funds. Taxpayers should get to see them.