Congressman Gene Taylor Joins “Scalded Dog Caucus"
Tries to distance himself from compromise forged by group he helped found

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Americans for Tax Reform issued the following public statement today about Rep. Gene Taylor’s (D-Miss.) press release distancing himself from the Blue Dog Compromise struck this week in the Pelosi/Waxman-led effort to reform healthcare:
Gene Taylor like many others is a BDINO (Blue Dog in Name Only).  He voted to make Pelosi Speaker, he voted to make Waxman head of the Committee.  He voted to put Barney Frank in charge of our banking system. Mike Ross, Pelosi and the other Democrats declared that the Blue Dogs were on board.  If he’s not, he should have proudly indicated so–he didn’t.  If he’s upset with the Blue Dogs for their decision, he should consider resigning from that caucus.  If he doesn’t like being tarnished with supporting Pelosi’s government take over of healthcare, he should bring it up with her. 
Congressman Taylor has historically had a difficult time telling the truth and keeping his promises. 
On March 1st, 1996, Gene Taylor signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, promising  his constituents he would oppose all income tax increases while serving in Congress . Apparently, he did this just to get elected, as his written word has turned out to be worthless.   When Republicans controlled the Congress from 1996 to 2006, he never had the opportunity to vote for a tax increase.  The first Congress he had the chance to vote for a tax increase, he did.
He has broken his Pledge so far three times now at Pelosi’s bidding: on January 18, 2007  (Roll Call No. 40) , on  July 27, 2007 (Roll Call 756), and on December 6th, 2007 (Roll Call No. 1140). We’re glad that Congressman Taylor finally found a Pelosi tax hike package he’s willing to oppose (so far), but you can’t blame us for being caught off guard by it.   If he doesn’t want to be associated with the Blue Dogs, he should formally leave the group.  No fair hiding behind their skirts when convenient and then pretending he’s never met them when inconvenient. 

Here is a PDF of Gene Taylor’s signed Taxpayer Protection Pledge to his constituents