Congressman Adrian Smith (R – Neb.) is Chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade. He joined ATR’s Tax Day press conference today on Tax Day. His remarks are below. Video of his remarks is available here.

“We know that the President’s priorities of growing the IRS is his solution with more audits and that so-called ‘compliance’ without the customer service.

We have strategized here to put customer service as the priority. That’s been rejected. I know the President, he has a different idea.

You know, he established the $400,000 threshold to define the middle class, without explaining that the IRS expansion will audit — 90% of the new audits, because that’s a historic amount that they have acknowledged as well — that 90% of the new audits will basically be on middle class and small businesses.

This is in the middle of a supply chain crisis. This is in the middle of workforce shortages, where we want folks to have the opportunity, especially small businesses, to be a part of the solution to our economic challenges right now.

There’s so much that we could do better than just giving so much, so many more resources to the IRS without focusing on customer service. We must focus on customer service.”