The Competitive Enterprise Institute has released One Nation, Ungovernable? – a paper written by Clyde Wayne Crews that outlines a feasible agenda to return power to the private market. The paper lays out a broad explanation of what the government is doing wrong (i.e., government spending 29% of our GDP, uncertainty in government action wreaking havoc on markets, et cetera) and then gives suggestions on repairing the problems (create an ongoing program of liberalizing the wealth-creating energies of citizens and the private institutions rather than investing taxpayer dollars as it pleases).

The paper calls for the government to end the detrimental “stimulus” programs, and questions the programs integrity. Tally up another nonpartisan group’s realization that government-sponsored bailouts will not save our economy.
The paper also briefly addresses a hot-button issue, net neutrality, and calls for the government to permanently take that off the table to ensure investments not be stifled by government interventionism. (Read more about ATR’s position on net neutrality here.)
As policy continues to be analyzed, more organizations are continuing to question the tax-and-spend mentality in Washington, especially during times of a recession. Hopefully, Washington is actually listening. Unlike the bills they are working to pass, this paper falls under 1400 pages. (It is only six.)