The Denver Post’s technology reporter, Andy Vuong, had an article this past weekend on a much-needed piece of legislation that will be taken up today in the Colorado Senate Business, Labor, & Technology Committee, SB 157.

Vuong’s article hilighted a recent report from the state Public Utility Commission that found Colorado state government was wasting millions in taxpayer dollars. The report, according to Vuong, represents the first time that the commission has calculated how many taxpayer-subsidized land lines are in locales that “may no longer be considered high cost to serve.” SB 157, The Telecommunications Modernization Act of 2012, would put an end to government waste and reform these policies and programs that have not, according to Vuong, “been updated to reflect competitive and technological changes in the marketplace.”

SB 157 would also bring relief to Colorado taxpayers at a time when it is most needed. Amid rising gas and food prices, SB 157 would bring down phone bills for Colorado ratepayers by reducing hidden taxes, in addition to phasing out wasteful subsidies and unnecessary taxpayer-funded programs. 

It’s time to bring Colorado’s antiquated communications regulatory and subsidy regime into the modern age. That’s why ATR is urging Colorado lawmakers to do just that by supporting and voting “Aye” on SB 157.

ATR sent the following letter to committee members last week in support of SB 157.

To read Vuong’s piece in its entirety, click here.