The Colorado House Finance Committee worked late into the evening last night as they took up a package of bills that, through the elimination of credits and exemptions, would raise taxes on everything from software, to candy, to online purchases, to soft drinks, and in what is sure to cause an explosion of resentment in Colorado’s ranching community, even bull semen.Yes, bull semen

As lawmakers in Denver  face a budget that is $150 million in the hole for the current budget and projected to be over a billion dollars in the red for the next fiscal year, which begins in July, Finance Committee members approved the tax increase largely along party lines.

The only Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer to vote in committee yesterday, Rep. Kent Lambert (R-District 14), opposed all of the tax increases voted on yesterday. For breaking updates on these bills and other legislative issues in Colorado, follow Rep. Lambert on Twitter: For a list of all Pledge signers in the Colorado legislature, click here.

ATR will continue to urge lawmakers to oppose these measures as they head to the House floor.

For a breakdown of how each Finance Committee member voted, click here. For a list of the tax hikes that passed out of committee last night, along with a description, and fiscal impact, click here.