A coalition of free market and conservative organizations sent a joint letter to North Carolina legislators this morning, calling attention to the increased costs and reduced access to dental care that would result from passage of SB 655/HB 698, protectionist legislation that is currently pending in the House.

ATR is proud to join the John Locke Foundation, the Civitas Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and the National Taxpayers Union, in speaking out regarding the adverse economic consequences that would result from passage of SB 655/HB 698. While lawmakers continue to meet to try to find some sort of agreement, it is ATR's position that the best outcome for North Carolinians would be for this bill to be simply rejected. Americans for Tax Reform is urging legislators to vote "NO" on this misguided piece of legislation.

For a copy of the coalition letter that was sent to members of the North Carolina House this morning, click here.