The 2010 Senate Special Election to fill the seat formerly held by the current Vice-President just got its first pledge signer. Christine O’Donnell recently signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge as a candidate for the United States Senate.

Joe Biden held the seat since the 1970’s, but now O’Donnell is looking to replace the interim appointment made just after the 2008 election. Biden was not a pledge signer, and he has carried his anti-taxpayer philosophy into the Obama Administration. O’Donnell is running in the GOP Primary for the chance to compete in the 2010 General election.
As a pledge signer, Christine O’Donnell has promised the taxpayers in Delaware that if elected, she will represent their interests. ATR encourages all candidates for Delaware Senate, which may include Beau Biden (son of the Vice President) to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, as we do all candidates running for elected office; so that the taxpayers can see whose side their representatives are really on.

To see the official statement from ATR on Christine O’Donnell, click here