Tuesday, November 3, Chris Christie (R) was elected to serve as the next governor of New Jersey, beating incumbent Jon Corzine (D) 49 percent to 44 percent with 92 percent of the vote counted. 

“I congratulate Governor-elect Chris Christie for his victory Tuesday. I look forward to working with him to find ways to lower taxes, reduce spending, and make New Jersey’s government leaner and more efficient,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.
Americans for Tax Reform urges Governor-elect Chris Christie to reverse the course set by Gov. Jon Corzine and adhere to principles of limited government and lower taxes that were the central tenants of his gubernatorial campaign. ATR strongly urges him to reject any and all tax increases that may come across his desk as Governor.
New Jersey has the highest property burden in the country, as well as the highest business tax burden and highest state and local tax burden. Over the past 7 years, taxes have been raised by over $21 billion, coinciding with a loss of over 400,000 taxpayers who fled to lower tax states.
“New Jersey has raised taxes more than any other state over the past decade. This trend must come to an end with Chris Christie, whose campaign promises have included reducing Corzine’s income tax hike and cutting property taxes,” added Norquist. “New Jersey’s punitive tax burden was the number one issue on voters’ minds, and Christie has been entrusted to not just reject tax hikes, but cut taxes and limit the massive size of state government.”

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