Now he tell us!

Washington, DC- Now, a week after the Election is over, Charlie Rangel openly admits tax hikes are on the table! Early this morning while on NPR’s Morning Edition, Rangel was asked about the possibility of tax hikes in the near future.

The interviewer asked, “One of the things you seem to be referring to is tax reform, which the White House has also talked about wanting to do.  Is it fair to say that when you talk about tax reform in this environment, what you mean is that some people’s taxes will go down, and some people’s taxes will go up?”

Rangel:  “Oh my G-d, what an honest question.  YES!  OF COURSE!  You cannot deal with any complex legislation, let alone trade, Social Security, tax reform, without winners and losers.”

This should come as no surprise to Americans as Charlie Rangel has repeatedly bashed the President’s tax cuts on multiple occasions. reported on 9/20/0r that Rangel said he “cannot think of one\’\’ of President George W. Bush\’s first-term tax
cuts that merit renewal. Congress Daily reported on 9/26/06 that when asked whether tax increases across the income spectrum would be considered, he replied, "No question about it."

“These types of statements should come as no surprise to anyone,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Charlie Rangel is a notorious tax and spender. Rangel consistently likes to play the class warfare game and he should have learned by now that this issue doesn’t play with the electorate, at all.”