December 10, 2008

CFA Vote Alert: 

Reject the Auto Bailout
As the latest version of the federal bailout package for Detroit’s unionized auto workers is being finalized, the Center for Fiscal Accountability urges you to oppose and vote against the package when it comes before you.
Taxpayers, who are already saddled with a series of government bailouts, should not be forced to pick up the tab for the failure of parts of an industry which for years has catered to the whims of Big Labor and is now finding itself hamstrung by the commitments made to union bosses.
Furthermore, the danger of perpetuating “moral hazard” looms large.   Congress has already put the country on a dangerous path of government interventions in the free market leaving the question of where it will end – it must not go down that path any further by essentially nationalizing part of an entire industry. 
Rather than focusing on creating an environment that will allow business to thrive, this bailout would extend “green” regulations, essentially putting “green” before “jobs.” 
Taxpayers, and even union members, as recent polls have shown, do not support a government bailout of Detroit’s automobile industry. What is needed is true economic stimulus, and that will not come in the form of more government interventions or increased spending. Rather, Congress should focus on pro-growth and free-market solutions in the form of tax cuts and less red tape.
Stand Up for Taxpayers – Oppose the Auto Bailout!
The Center for Fiscal Accountability WILL RATE the auto bailout vote in its annual congressional ratings.