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The U.S. House of Representatives will be voting on the so called "Doc Fix" bill tomorrow.  The bill is a poorly veiled attempt to sneak a big cost component of the Democrats’ health overhaul past taxpayers, and CFA will be rating a vote against the bill in our annual Congressional ratings.

From our vote alert:

The Center for Fiscal Accountability urges all Members of the United States House of Representatives to vote against H.R.3961, the so-called “Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act,” which would constitute a costly permanent expansion of government without offsets in the form of spending cuts.
Just like the Senate bill Sen. Reid tried and failed to pass through the Senate last month, this bill is nothing but a poorly veiled attempt to sneak past taxpayers a massive healthcare-related cost that would otherwise have to be accounted for in the cost estimate for the already outrageously expensive government health bill passed by the House. 
Adding more than $200 billion over ten years to the burden taxpayers are forced to shoulder without any offsetting spending cuts is nothing short of reckless in light of the unprecedented spending spree the federal government has embarked on in recent months. After bailout after bailout and the failed “stimulus” package, it is time to say no to growing government even further on the backs of struggling American families.