From the Center for Fiscal Accountability’s vote alert urging Members of the U.S. Senate to reject the Omnibus Bill:

The package – which for the most part was crafted behind closed doors – contains a whopping $410 billion in spending, amounting to an over 8% increase over 2008 spending levels.  

It further contains more than 8,000 earmarks funding a multitude of questionable spending projects for which there will be no debate, as well as other disconcerting provisions.
On the heels of the passage of a trillion dollar spending and debt package under the guise of economic “stimulus,” which was preceded by a series of taxpayer-funded bailouts, now is the time to put an end to this fiscal profligacy that will force generations of taxpayers to foot the bill.

CFA will rate a vote against the bill in our annual Congressional ratings.

Click here for the pdf of the vote alert.