Obamacare, still touted as the Obama Administration's crowning achievement, has become a laughing stock, even among celebrities.


Wednesday's 47th Annual Country Music Association awards honored today's country music's hottest stars and paid tribute to classic country musicians who popularized the genre. Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, the CMA co-hosts for the evening, also paid tribute to a very special government program: Obamacare.


You know your government program is a flop when even popular musicians are mocking it.  Highlighting the Obamacare website debacle, Brad and Carrie sang a parody of George Straight's "Amarillo By Morning" turning it into, "Obamacare By Morning."  Met with uproarious cheers from the audience, the pair joked about the website glitches and the reported six people nationwide who were able to sign up for the federal healthcare exchange the first day it opened.



Online, country fans were largely entertained and amused at the parody. Music award and entertainment award shows in recent times have become more political, with Michelle Obama announcing awards at the Oscars and celebrities time and time again making blatant political endorsements and criticisms.

This year's CMA awards was no different, with popular public opinion being that Obamacare is largely a joke. However, the real debilitating effects of Obamacare, such as thousands of Americans being dumped from their current healthcare plans and the rising costs of healthcare premiums are no laughing matter.