“This is a big program. This is a lot of money.”

“There’s a reason this hasn’t passed yet. And that’s because this is a really big ask.”

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a well-funded carbon tax group, and this week the organization conducted a major lobbying push on the hill to impose a carbon tax on the American people, H.R. 763— co-sponsored by 42 Democrats and one Republican, Francis Rooney.

As revealed by the training webinar shown below, the group admits the cost and complexity of a carbon tax is “something that we at CCL can tend to soft-pedal.”

Dr. Danny Richter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby goes on to say that “there’s a reason this hasn’t passed yet.”

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See the full quotation below:

“Half of the cost of the entire IRS to administer a single program — that’s what Allen said. I mean, he cites the cost of the IRS as I forget what it is, I think it might have been $14 billion. You have to remember, that this, we’re — this is a big program. This is a lot of money. I think that that’s something that we at CCL can tend to soft-pedal. 

But $80 billion in the first year, $130 billion in the second year, on the order of, you know $170 billion the next year and increasing after that – that’s a lot of cash. And there are 310 million Americans. That’s, I think, 114 million households. And you want to get to 114 million households on a monthly basis an amount of money. Not all of them have a bank account. A lot of them are going to have questions. There’s births. There’s deaths. So, there is some element of the sense that this is, um – the comment earlier that this is a reality check – this is another big reality check.

This is a big program. And as simple as we like to make it out to be, and it is in concept simple – when you’re talking about getting money to that money people in this diverse a country, that’s a big deal. There’s a reason this hasn’t passed yet. And that’s because this is a really big ask. And we keep on asking it because it’s an ask that eventually somebody needs to say ‘yes’ to. But, um, I don’t think that we should really ultimately be surprised, um, when we really think about what’s involved with this. And that I think is one of the great virtues of this study, um, is this reality check Allen has given us.”

A carbon tax and “dividend” scheme would impose a large tax increase on the American people. It would also create a large new entitlement spending program and give the government more power over your life. It’s no wonder more than 75 conservative groups this week sent a statement to congress: “We oppose any carbon tax.”

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