Uncle Sam simply wants all Americans to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, right? Well, only if that happiness is sanctioned or incentivized by the government.

Rather than implementing broad based tax cuts, or doing something silly like stopping the growing spending problem, the government is going to spend more money on a "cash for appliances" program.

According to Business Week:

Beginning late this fall, the program authorizes rebates of $50 to $200 for purchases of high-efficiency household appliances. The money is part of the broader economic stimulus bill passed earlier this year. Program details will vary by state, and the Energy Dept. has set a deadline of Oct. 15 for states to file formal applications. The Energy Dept. expects the bulk of the $300 million to be awarded by the end of November. (Unlike the clunkers auto program, consumers won’t have to trade in their old appliances.)

When will this end? ATR President Grover Norquist always says "the government will not be happy until we are all forced to drive cars too small to fit in and own toilets too small to flush." It appears the government is using it’s influence to skew consumer patterns and completely interfere in a free market.

Large appliance companies are currently experiencing one of the worst economic downturns in their histories. To boost sales and essentially "bail out" these companies, the government is skewing the market with these rebates under the guise of "more efficient and greener product promotion."

Well I’m not buying it! Uncle Sam, you can have my rusted diesel powered microwave and my gas powered blender when you invade my property and pry it from my hands.