The California Air Resource Board (CARB) is going regulation happy again. CARB has forced regulations on car parts such as catalytic converters and tailpipes in the past. This time, Californians windshields are being targeted.

CARB is now “fighting CO2 emissions” by forcing Californians to change their windshields over to a new, reflective type that will supposedly reduce air conditioning usage in summer. (The new windshields have a frost glaze to reflect the sun.)  Sources say that the new regulations, which kickoff in 2012, will add a $250 cost to each car.
Don’t want a frosted windshield on your car? Too bad. As it says on CARB’s own website, “It is NOT LEGAL to install after-market parts unless it has an exemption from CARB.”
There is good news, however. Concerned Californians can attend a public meeting on Wednesday December 9 to file their complaints. (More information on that here.) If you cannot attend the meeting, written comments can be submitted by noon on December 8. (More information on submitting written comments here.)