This week Democrat congressman Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) is introducing a bill to impose a massive national carbon (energy) tax on the American people and seeks to impose backdoor family planning of two children per household:

-The carbon tax monies will flow from the people to the federal government, where it will be deposited into a creepily named “Carbon Dividend Trust Fund.”

-The EPA and IRS will work together to funnel taxpayer dollars toward “Administrative Expenses” and “Other Administrative Expenses.”

-The “Carbon Dividend Trust Fund” leftovers will be routed to households on a per-adult and per-child basis, but households with more than two children are considered a menace by the bill authors: The legislative language specifically imposes “a limit of 2 children per household.”

Here it is, straight from the bill text:

“A carbon dividend payment is one pro-rata share for each adult and half a pro-rata share for each child under 19 years old, with a limit of 2 children per household, of amounts available for the month in the Carbon Dividend Trust Fund.”

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, said: “The carbon tax is a bad idea. Even the French don’t like it. And now, this Democrat carbon tax bill adds a sick twist: population control through taxation.”