Virginia Candidate L. Scott Lingamfelter pledges to defend Virginia Taxpayer

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform is proud to award L. Scott Lingamfelter, a candidate for the 31st House of Delegates district in Virginia, the "Hero of the Taxpayer" award. Candidate Lingamfelter has focused his campaign on a defense of the Virginian taxpayer by signing Americans for Tax Reform the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and proposing an amendment to the Virginian Constitution to return surplus revenue to the Virginian taxpayers.

"Through signing the pledge Scott Lingamfelter shows his continuing commitment to the taxpayer\’s ability to choose the best way to spend their own money. He leaves the authority of making decisions about Virginia\’s money to the people of Virginia, and chooses not to impose his personal will upon the taxpayers. At the end of the day, the taxpayers work for themselves," said Damon Ansell, Vice President for Policy.