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Americans for Tax Reform is collecting personal testimonials of Americans hit by President Biden’s policies. (If you would like to submit a short video, please send it to Mike Mirsky at [email protected]).

Please watch this video from Neal Crabtree:

“My name is Neal Crabtree. I was welding on the Keystone XL pipeline January the 20th and I was laid off that very same day, the same day that president Biden took office.

One of the biggest issues I have is how people don’t seem to care. They say these are just temporary jobs. Well, if you think about it, a lot of jobs in this country are temporary. When a carpenter goes to build a house, he’s not working on that same house his entire career. He starts that house and finishes it and moves on to another one.

The same way with a lawyer. When he signs up a client he takes that case to court, and he either wins or loses, and then he moves on to another one. In this case, that pipeline was our client and the government is taking our future away by not letting us work.

To me, leadership — which, when I say leadership I’m referring to the president, leadership isn’t thinking you’re solving one problem when you’re really creating another one.

Canceling this Keystone Pipeline to make a group of people happy has had real life consequences. We got people who can’t work now, can’t provide for their families.”