In today's Daily Caller, ATR's Patrick Gleason makes the case for Meg Whitman:

A Wall Street Journal profile of Meg Whitman concluded a year ago that the “danger for her is if the primary or general election turns into a referendum on inexperienced celebrity governors who failed to deliver—in other words, on Arnold.”

Not coincidentally, early last month her Democratic opponent Jerry Brown’s campaign commenced a concerted and effective effort to compare Whitman to Governor Schwarzenegger. During the campaign’s final stretch, Brown has continued to compare Whitman’s lack of political experience to the unpopular Schwarzenegger’s, arguing that Californians would be as dissatisfied with the former eBay CEO as they are with Schwarzenegger.

I say, let’s talk about experience. To be sure, both have a great deal of it, just of a very different sort.

Rather than spend her life running for elected office, asking donors for money, and answering to the demands of the public employee unions and trial lawyers that run Sacramento, as Jerry Brown has, Meg Whitman spent her professional career contributing to America’s GDP.

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