Jerry Houseman, Ed. D., of the Sacramento City Unified School District, took the opportunity at an April 16th Sacramento City School Board meeting to tee off on the April 15 tea parties. Apparently, Mr. Houseman was none too happy with the fact that ordinary Americans took time out of their day to express concern and disagreement with the astronomical tax and spending bills coming out of Washington.

Houseman lashed out at the hundreds of thousands of tea party protesters that believe their onerous tax burden need not rise any higher.

In light of his cranky tirade, we at ATR have a few questions for Houseman:

So in your state of California, taxes aren’t too high?

Really? You know you have the highest state sales tax in the country, right? In fact, in many California cities the sales tax rate is in the double digits. But this isn’t high enough? Really!?!

Also, you know California has the highest state marginal income tax rate in the country, right? You know that such a progressively lopsided tax structure has been one of the main causes of your state’s fiscal instability, right?  But you think taxes are still too low? Really!?!

Mr. Houseman, do you know that your state has the 48th ranked business tax climate? This means that, except for 2 other states, California is the worst place to move to, invest, or start a business in the country. Further tax increases will only make matters worse. Yet you deride those who want to make California once again a leader in economic growth and entrepreneurship through a more competitive tax code? Really!?!

Californians spend 204 days out of the year, well over half the year, just paying for the cost of their government. But you, Mr. Houseman, don’t think this is enough? Really!?!

Unlike your leftist ilk, conservatives and libertarians tend to be a rather pleasant and content bunch. And unlike your comrade Keith Olbermann, we don’t spend everyday making lists of the worst people in the world. But if, hypothetically, we did, you, Mr. Houseman, would certainly make a case for such a list. Have a great weekend and again, really!?!

Mr. Houseman’s temper tantrum can be viewed below. Enjoy: