Americans for Tax Reform is confident in Ashburn’s promise to oppose tax increases as U.S. Representative

WASHINGTON – Today, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) , the nation’s leading taxpayer group, congratulated state Sen. Roy Ashburn on his record in California, and suggested he would maintain his pro-taxpayer stance if he were elected to Congress in California’s 20 th District. Ashburn is running against Democratic candidate Jim Costa for the district’s open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ashburn has received ATR’s accolades as he has proven to be a strong supporter of taxpayers\’ rights and vowed to oppose all efforts to increase taxes. Ashburn joins President George W. Bush, 42 U.S. senators, and 217 members of the U.S. House of Representatives in signing the group’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge," a written commitment to the taxpayers in a candidate\’s district to oppose any and all tax increases. As state senator, Ashburn consistently supported budget cuts and opposed tax increases.

“Voters in California’s 20 th District can be sure Sen. Ashburn won\’t raise their taxes,” said Grover Norquist. “It’s on paper, he will protect hard-working taxpayers and that’s a step in the right direction for California.”

Ashburn’s legislative record confirms his strong stance on taxes. In 2003, Ashburn helped to defeat a fee hike that would have nearly tripled the cost of vehicle licenses. His economic-opportunities-and-growth measure would provide tax credits for small business that hire new employees, helping to promote job growth in California. Ashburn also fully supports Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget which would make significant cuts while protecting important California programs and including no new taxes.

Costa, on the other hand, has made no promises to protect Californians. As a former state senator, Costa has a record of supporting large government programs financed by taxpayers. In 2002, the California Taxpayers Association reported that Costa voted favorably on only one of the group’s major legislative issues; he was in conflict with Cal-Tax’s position on 11 of 13 issues.

“Ashburn promises to protect taxpayer’s rights,” said Norquist. “Costa claims to have the taxpayer’s best in mind, but he’s left the door wide open for tax hikes; that’s nearly the same as a promise to collect more from already overtaxed Californians.