The following was originally published in today's Flash Report:

Although Gov. Brown did the right thing in vetoing the horrendous and irresponsible budget passed by legislative Democrats this week, praise must be withheld given the reason for his veto: he wishes to extend the largest state tax increase in U.S. history.

The Democrat budget passed on Wednesday represents the height of fiscal fantasy – forgoing debt repayment, delaying payment of other bills, illegally requiring out-of-state businesses to collect and remit the state sales tax, and assuming salvation in the form of more cash from a federal government that is $14 trillion in the hole itself. The Los Angeles Times referred to the Democrat budget as “clever accounting.” I went to public school, but the last time I checked, “clever” was not a synonym for “fraudulent.” Senate President Darrell Steinberg unbelievable remarked that this sham budget was “worthy of the governor’s signature.” Jerry Brown should take great offense to Steinberg’s affront of his John Hancock. By passing this irresponsible, unrealistic, and unconstitutional budget, legislative Democrats have proven that they are nothing more than self-serving agents of the unsustainable Sacramento status quo.

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