Yesterday ATR’s California Taxpayer Protection Caucus Chairs, Sen. Mimi Walters (R-Laguna Hills) and Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine), along with ATR friend and FlashReport publisher Jon Fleischman, unveiled their annual list of the 20 worst bills passed by the California legislature this year.

As of today, Gov. Schwarzenegger has yet to take action on any of these bills. Walters, DeVore, and Fleischman are encouraging Schwarzenegger to veto all 20 and will score his actions based on the following metric:

If he vetoes 90% or more, the Governor got an "A", 80% – 89% a "B", 70 – 79% a "A", 60 – 69% a "D" and below that, an "F”

The list is separated into nine issue areas ranging from health care, to taxes, to bills that grow the nanny-state, and labor. Veto-worthy bills that made the list include a SB 1474, legislation that would impose state-level card check on agricultural workers, taking away their right to a secret ballot when voting on matters of unionization; and AB 1825, legislation that would increase health care mandates, causing up to 10,000 Californians to lose coverage as a result of increased costs. This will only exacerbate California’s mandate problem, which ATR highlighted in the OC Register last December.

For their complete listing of the top 20 worst bills in California, CLICK HERE.