On July 19, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 944, legislation  that will designate each February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day.  Senate Bill 944 encourages public schools and institutions to engage in exercises remembering the life of Ronald Reagan.  This bill requires the sitting Governor of California to annually proclaim February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day.

Grover Norquist, chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, issued the following statement lauding California’s action and encouraging other states to enact similar legislation:   

“The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project applauds California’s action in setting aside February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day.  We encourage other states to follow suit in proclaiming February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day.  Because this February 6 will mark the one-hundreth anniversary of our fortieth President’s birth, this year would be a timely opportunity to set aside this day for the Gipper. 

Every Ronald Reagan Day will serve as a teaching opportunity for parents and teachers to share with students about one of the greatest Presidents of our time.  Along with the naming of roads, building, and other honors after Reagan, this day will serve as a reminder of the legacy of Ronald Reagan.”

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