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Pete Buttigieg criticized Bernie Sanders over the weekend during an MSNBC interview, stating that the cost of his proposals is “bigger than the size of the entire American economy.”


“When you do the math on [Sanders] proposals, there’s a $25 trillion hole, even after his tax increase on the middle class. At $25 trillion, that’s bigger than the entire size of the American economy.”

The other candidates have criticized Sanders too. During last week’s Democratic debate on ABC, Joe Biden said that “The idea that middle class taxes aren’t going to go up is just crazy,” 

At one point last year, Biden said that Sanders Medicare for all plan  “is totally unrealistic and can’t be done.”

Biden went on to press Sanders on how much his healthcare plan costs since he hasn’t given Americans a price tag for the plan.

Amy Klobuchar even went as far as to say that she’s “troubled” with the thought of having a socialist as the Democratic nominee during an interview with CBS News on Monday.

While Sanders refuses to give a price tag for his plan, he is quick to place the cost burden on the American people. 

Sanders has said that he plans to tax all income over $29,000 to help cover the cost for Medicare for All, which has an estimated cost of $32 trillion to $36 trillion.

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